World class healthcare is available through the two largest healthcare systems in the northland, Essentia Health and St. Luke's Hospital.

Both first rate hospital systems together offer 55 specialty care areas and employ about 12,000 healthcare professionals with over 750,000 medical visits to the Duluth medical provider system annually.

Technological innovation and healthcare collide beautifully in Duluth.

Promoting and supporting young entrepreneurs makes Duluth a healthier and more prosperous city.

Geacom is a local company developing a one of a kind multi-lingual hand held translation device for use in health care settings.

The company's tool Phrazer was voted as one of 2011's Best New Product by Edison Best New Products Award, the Minnesota Tekne Award for 2011, the Minnesota Cup through the Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship, the Gold Award at the Connected World Conference, and the Business Impact Award for 2014.