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Duluth is a regional economic hub with networks accessible by air, water, rail and interstate highways to supply chains and international markets. 

Diverse transportation options make Duluth ideal for manufacturing companies to impact economic prosperity and job growth. DEDA granted assistance to Moline Machinery to construct an innovation hall to showcase their industrial baking equipment for customers.

By tapping into a $350,000 DEDA Building in Duluth grant, the company was able to complete their $2.6 million project and entertain a broader clientele. 



Innovative and sustainable practices are critical to Duluth's economic future.

Epicurean Cutting Surfaces and Loll Designs, a furniture manufacturer, have grown their hometown business by incorporating sustainable practices and philosophies to market their products globally. These companies offer high end home products that anyone can be proud to have in their home or business.


Epicurean household products are sold in over 6000 stores worldwide and are made from recycled paper. The company invested in redevelopment of contaminated site and truly believe that redevelopment is the best investment for the success of their business and the community. Loll Designs recently chose to buy and expand their furniture manufacturing into a 40,000 square foot existing building in West Duluth.