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DEDA Lot D Site Analysis Report - conducted by AMI Consulting Engineers is available for a 30 day public review and comment from June 8 to July 8, 2016

Comments can be emailed to or completed online using this form.

DEDA Lot D Request for Proposals Part I,  has closed and is not accepting proposals.

The following is in response to multiple communications received by DEDA that voiced concerns about the proposed timeline, some ambiguity regarding the process, and the requirement for estimates regarding potential economic impact of the project:

The purpose and intention of RFP- Part One is to solicit developers for creative concepts for the use and development of the Lot D property. In the interest of process clarification: please consider the RFP Part One as an RFQ that not only requires Proposer qualifications, but also requires conceptual-project renditions and preliminary (rough) estimates of economic impact. Estimates for tax base and job creation are simply to provide greater insight as to the scope and nature of the proposed project; more specific and accurate projections will be discussed in Part Two.

Part Two will require detailed information regarding proposed structures and site and plan-specifics. Further, the timeline outlined in the schedule is not fixed and, if after the Panel reviews submissions it is determined that more time may be needed for Part Two, the schedule may be adjusted.

Finally, after a Proposal is selected from Part Two, the selected Proposer has the opportunity to enter into a 6-12 month option agreement in order to conduct due diligence on the site prior to executing a Development Agreement with DEDA.

 Questions and Responses are available and updated as necessitated.

* A Response Action Plan was completed in 2011 on the site. This study was conducted when initial plans called for a transient boat marina. The plan provides preliminary findings of the soil conditions. *

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