DEDA's mission is to drive economic prosperity in the City of Duluth.

DEDA accomplishes its mission by leading significant development initiatives, being a catalyst for sustainable development and redevelopment, and prudently investing unique resources that leverage other investments.


As the City of Duluth's economic development agent, DEDA works to stimulate business investment, expand economic prosperity, grow the local tax base and strengthen public-private partnerships. DEDA’s partnerships and initiatives are paying off with a vibrant, diversified economy and business climate that creates jobs, builds prosperity, and secures a strong tax base to fund vital City services to sustain healthy neighborhoods.



City of Duluth at Dusk


DEDA's initiatives in result in the following returns on investment:

  • High quality employment opportunities
  • Increased tax base
  • population growth
  • Healthy vibrant neighborhoods
  • Business growth or expansions

DEDA's initiatives are based on the following values:

  • Balance risk and return on investment
  • Partner in a collaborative manner
  • Provide prudent stewardship over public resources
  • Leverage our region's unique economic and environmental assets
  • Respect the culture and people that make Duluth special
  • Recognize the unique contributions of public and private partners




DEDA is governed by seven Commissioners made up of three City Councilors and four citizens:


Tim McShane President
Matt Cartier Vice President
Zack Filipovich City Councilor, Secretary
Barb Russ City Councilor, Treasurer
Nancy Aronson Norr  
Craig Chilcote  
Noah Hobbs City Councilor




2019 Meetings


January 23rd @ 5:15pm

February 27th @ 5:15pm

March 27th @ 5:15pm

April 24th @ 5:15pm

May 22nd @ 5:15pm

June 26th @ 5:15 pm

July 24th @ 5:15pm

August 28th @ 5:15pm

September 25th @ 5:15pm

October 23rd 5:15pm

November 20th 5:15pm

December 18th 5:15pm

Council Chambers or RM 303